Game of Thrones is an American medieval fantasy HBO series that you will soon love to hate and yet continue to watch. Describing the series as an old wives’tale of good vs. evil, of righteous individual heroes battling the rigged system and having the decks stacked against them, would be too kind, poetic and ultimately inaccurate. So far, as we approach the end of season 2, Game of Thrones is about a blood sucking, power hungry family called the Lannisters. With an undeserving violent-seeking douchebag of a king, a conniving and mischievous bitch of a Queen and 7 kingdoms ready to destroy each other, ‘good’ barely stands much of a chance.

With all the violent, plot twisting murders that will make you go, ‘There’s no way he’s gonna die… oh shit, off goes his head’, the producers of the show have been kind enough to grace us with the release of an official soundtrack from no one other than the indie kings, The National. The somber vocals from baritone Matt Berninger paired with a soft and hopeful violins feels more of like a score for the show than an actual full length song, but nevertheless a great contribution from one of our favorite bands. Listen to it below

’The National – The Rains Of Castamere (Game of Thrones Soundtrack)’
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