The Night VI
Heroine (backstroke. Remix)

Is there a better day to be writing up such a haunting tale? Couple in some devilishly dialed up future bass beats to the aforementioned story, and we pretty much have the perfect track for your Halloween adventures.

Coming off their second EP, DIY, The Night VI have brought us into the dark and unsavory with their track “Heroine.” Lead singer Sophie Rose Harper elaborates on her cautionary tale:

Heroine is a femme fatal. She knows what she wants and how to get it but she’ll ruin you much like the drug. She’s like your mum’s worst nightmare but there’s another side to her one that raises you up and keeps you wanting more.

Enter backstroke, a DC-based remixer who was brought in for a tasty twist on this vocal-driven tune. Expertly extracting and sampling sections of the original vocal score, “Heroine” has been given a dancefloor friendly vibe, complete with heavy bass, rolling snares, and chilling synths.

Aside from this premiere, you can also find this tune in our upcoming Halloween playlist. Make sure to check back with us later today!

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