The Watermelons

We’re sure there has been quite a few late night, raucous get-togethers that inevitably wind up in an impromptu group karaoke session, with “Best of You” being belted out as one of the favorites. We say this speaking from experience.

Since we covered that all-to-infectious tune back in June, we’ve continually seen people listen once and chime in the second time around. It’s that catchy. Today, we see a different side of The Watermelons, though, which showcases a slightly more introspective and mature side of their music. While this progression usually takes place with bands as they move along in their careers, it usually doesn’t happen as quickly as we’re seeing here. Keep in mind that the Best of You EP was released just two months ago.

“Silver” still boasts the incredibly infectious pop sensibility that fans have come to love and appreciate, but it’s brought forth as a rock song, rather than their usual energetic pop. The instrumentals are once again more-than-impressive, especially when listeners are brought into a wicked breakdown and guitar solo towards the end. The well-crafted lyrics, as expected, are hard to escape, even after you’ve finished the song. This time around, they seem to carry a more serious message than with previous releases.

‘Silver’ is about not being able to communicate how you’re feeling or thinking to someone, but to carry on anyway, because one day they’ll understand. – The Watermelons

“Silver” can be picked up everywhere on October 16th. We highly recommend setting a reminder.

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