Greek Tragedy

“Greek Tragedy” has been stirring up a commotion across the blogosphere and the radio, premiering first as the “Hottest Record” on Zane Low Radio 1. The newly released single comes off The Wombats upcoming LP, Glitterbug (out April 14 via Bright Antenna Records), and offers up a buzzing, playful sound that’s downright infectious. Undoubtedly inciting the need to bob your head up and down, it’s one that we’re sure you won’t quickly shake from our memory.

Speaking of things we can’t shake from our memory; the accompanying music video that goes along with this tune is rather dark. British Actress April Pearson plays the role of a psycho-stalker fan that exacts her revenge on the band for snubbing her in various situation. As the video progresses, we’re offered up a macabre glimpse of her murderous actions.

Directed by Untitled Films’ Finn Keenan (who has also worked with the Strypes, The Kooks, and Raglans), this one is definitely not safe for work, but it is rather entertaining. We’ve included it below, as well as the official behind the scenes video which provides fans an inside glimpse of everything that went into the making.

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