Following a three-year hiatus, Queens-based songwriter & producer Matt Longo, aka Thin Lear, is back with the first release since his self-titled EP. Today we’re bringing you a first look and listen to that release, titled “The Guesthouse.” If you weren’t already familiar with this up-and-coming artist, this is the perfect introduction to his sound and what you can expect from his upcoming album.

A charming ride throughout, “The Guesthouse” is a tasteful blend of organic percussion, playful guitar work, and a splash of saxophone. All of those elements come together well, serving as the perfect accompaniment to Longo’s enveloping vocals. It’s a combination that left us both wanting to throw this into our regular rotation and anxiously looking forward to the full album.

We reached out to Longo to ask him about the inspiration behind this release. Here’s what he had to say:

I wrote ‘The Guesthouse’ one night in a fit of insomnia. I’d been working for way longer than I should’ve been, and my brain wasn’t winding down. In that sleepy, restless state, I started to think about how I’m incapable of being mellow, incapable of knowing what to do with free time, unable to just power off. I know a lot of artists who deal with this, and I think it’s only gotten worse now that we all have laptops and cell phones. The pressure is there to continue working, or distracting yourself from rest, always.

When I was recording the track, I wanted the production and arrangement to mirror that anxious, but exhausted feeling. You know, the sax is frenetic, but it’s also sleepy. The beat is a jaunty disco, but it’s also heavy, weighing on the song, keeping it tethered. The vocals are pleading, but resigned. The song is restless, and it’s worn out, and it can’t settle itself down. It’s an engine that won’t shut off.

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