We’re pretty sure you’ll all be ready to get out and get loose after a long holiday break with the fam. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little quality time with your loved ones, but it can wear on you after a while, especially with all the added stresses that come with the season.

To help you in your quest for a perfect night out, we’re offering up one pair of tickets to see Nick Sember. Yes, as some of you heard, Norin & Rad are no more. We’ve included an interview below that talks about what’s going on with them. Needless to say, it will still be a stellar show filled with your favorite N&R tunes.

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– You must bring a solid arsenal of dance moves on behalf of TMN.

Excited to have you coming back to NY! Of course we think our city is the greatest but how does NYC rank amongst all the cities you’ve played?

Nick Sember: I love it here! Honestly, party-wise NYC is pretty ridiculous. I’ve played the Roseland ballroom which was insane, but I’ve played more intimate venues here and have learned the crowds are not only educated but fun as well. I get to experiment which I love! Not a lot of cities can do that.

So Cielo NY, a legendary venue, with a top-notch Funktion-1 sound system. As a dj, what excites you more….. a big room that can be packed out with tons of people….or a smaller intimate space with a sound system that can bang with the best of them.

Nick Sember: I’m definitely more of a fan of the smaller venues. I like to be able to see more of the faces to try to get a grasp on what they came for. The bigger events are so much fun don’t get me wrong, but I can be a much more artistic DJ in a club.

So you’re now producing under your name, Nick Sember. What was the determining factor for striking out solo?

Nick Sember: Well unfortunately this year Bruce came to me and said he no longer wanted to continue as Norin & Rad. So I decided I will continue as Norin & Rad for sure but also thought it would make sense to start building my solo profile. Forth was the perfect way to do that.

When it comes to making music and live performances, has it been a huge adjustment to make for you?

Nick Sember: Yeah definitely on the production side of things. Now I’m doing double the workload so it’s a bit of a change. As for live performances it doesn’t change much beside the fact that I’ll be on stage alone now.

Your recent release on Anjunabeats, “Forth”” hit #1 on Beatport trance after a matter of days! How did that feel for you, to see your solo production hit such a coveted spot?

Nick Sember: It was great. I mean I knew the track was groovy and saw it got a good reaction at ABGT but I didn’t expect a number 1 right out of the gate! I wrote the melody actually last December so it was a piece I was really attached to and was proud to see where it landed.

What’s it like to work with the Anjuna family? They seem like the nicest guys on the planet and their music isn’t too shabby either!

Nick Sember: Well it’s like you say, it’s a family. It’s great to work with them because over the years they’ve turned into such great friends. Andrew Bayer and I get along real well and it’s nice to have someone like him giving input on your work!

Tell us about your plans for the forthcoming year. If 2014 was the emergence of Nick Sember as a solo artist… 2015 is _________________? (fill in the blank)

Nick Sember: The next step.

Could you tell us anything about any upcoming releases or projects?

Nick Sember: I’ve been working day and night in the studio just on originals for now. Really hoping to get a couple new ones out early 2015 so stay tuned 😉

Are there any artists that you’re really keen on right now? Who should we be checking out?

Nick Sember: I’m really digging the stuff on Sosumi records. It’s Kryder’s label and I’m really liking his and Tom Staars stuff along with almost everything on that label.

Give one piece of advice for artists who are struggling with adversity.

Nick Sember: Well first of all any real artist or musician (or probably person for that matter) is struggling with some type of adversity lol. All you can do is get to work, don’t complain and let the music do the talking.

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