Fresh off their contribution to Hebinomichi‘s Vol. 3, London based production duo TIGERBLOOD are back at it again with their brand new single “Rumours”. Featuring vocals from Ampersand himself, the addictively upbeat future bass tune deals with the dangerous velocity at which unsubstantiated gossip can spread and the helpless feeling you get when you realize a lie has spun so far out of control that there’s nothing you can do to contain it. It’s no rumor that TIGERBLOOD have shown tremendous growth with each release since the dawn of 2015, so it’s only fitting that they save their best for last as the year comes to a close. Nab yourself a free copy of the track above, released via Los Angeles label Modern Filth. Stay tuned for more from TIGERBLOOD who currently have plans for new original material well into 2016, along with official remixes for Daktyl and Sky Cathedrals.

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