I’ve spent a lot of time in studios, whether it be an expansive, professional set up, or a buddy’s laptop with nothing more than a set of mid-ranged headphones. It just kind of happens in this industry. Sometimes interviews take place when an artist is taking a break from crafting a tune, and sometimes you just want to have some whiskey and jam out on your guitar while your buddy is fiddling around with Ableton. Either way, the process of music production is a very familiar thing for me.

As familiar as I am with the process, I’m not so familiar with the software. I grew up as a punk rock kid, cutting my teeth in musical experiences with Green Day’s Dookie, then onto acts like Strung Out, Thrice, At The Drive-In, and A Wilhelm Scream. As I scowered album after album of blazing fast riffs, I picked up a guitar somewhere along the line and started taking lessons. They never went far, but I still enjoy jamming out to this day.

In my late teens, I got swallowed up in the cultural shift of early dance music. Attending raves before most of today’s party kids could do multiplication, I developed an early affinity for progressive house and drum ‘n bass. Those lead to hard house (a genre most won’t remember) and have since come to enjoying ambient and deep house. Maybe it’s Father Time catching up with me, but my tastes have definitely settled down.

With those two portions of my life in the rearview, I had always wondered what it would be like to combine them–fanciful guitar work and some seductive beats. With a schedule as busy as mine, there were only so many options, and one stood out above the rest.

If you haven’t guessed it by now (which I’m pretty damn sure you have), I’m enrolled in Point Blank Music School’s online Albeton class. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be diving into music production, most assuredly stumbling along my way. However, my hopes is that you’ll share my journey as I cover it piece-by-piece here on the site.

If you’re interested in checking out their programs to see what they’re about, just click here to get familiar.

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