Before she leaves us, we had to ask Fei-Fei what her five favorite songs were at the moment. She gave us five great songs that we can easily get down to.

Caribou – Silver (in playlist)
Warpaint – Feeling Alright (Daughter Remix)
Lapalux – Make Money
Rustie – Attack feat. Danny Brown

Fei-Fei also wanted to share a special Spotify playlist that she tells us was music that inspired her as she produced her first album Pretty Girls Don’t Hallucinate. Have a listen for yourself and see if this music inspires you as well, we all get our inspiration from different musicians and genres of music, maybe this will tickle your fancy too.

Thanks to Fei-Fei for a great month!

’Caribou – Essential Mix – Oct 2014’
’Warpaint – Feeling Alright (Daughter Remix)’
’Make Money’
’Attak (feat. Danny Brown)’
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