Come Around (Minnesota Remix)

For this wonderful month of no-shave November, we have the highly talented BASS man himself Minnesota joining our fabulous ninja family. And today I get the pleasure of getting to ask him any and all questions to find out a little more about this Minnesota grown artist.

TMN: First off Christian, we are so excited to have you this month! Please tell us, are you participating in no-shave November and if so how is that going? Can you grow facial hair easily or are you a patchy, awkward growing hair guy (no need to hide it, there are plenty of guys out there who have this problem).

M: Na, I’m not participating in the No Shave November, mainly because I have some of that patchy, awkward growth when I try growing a full beard.

TMN: So let’s start off kind of at the beginning. You are a Minnesota native from one of the small towns in Minnesota, tell us a little about what it was like growing up there, what were some of your favorite things to do as a kid?

M: I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and really enjoyed it there. I was just a normal Minnesota kid, played a lot of snowboarding and sledding until I turned 12 and started getting into music.

TMN: Did you have any musical idols growing up?

M: I was super into Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd when I first got into music.

TMN: And as a kid, when was the first time you actually discovered music for yourself? Were you a singer or did you play any instruments, was your household a music household?

M: When I turned 12 I started playing guitar and getting really passionate about music.

TMN: You eventually moved to California when you were 18 and there, your friends dubbed you the nickname Minnesota. Were you ok with that nickname or were you like, I kind of wanted to be called bone crusher or something more along those lines?

M: Haha, na I actually WAS stoked on the nickname. I was always called nicknames growing up and I actually liked the new one that my friends gave me when I moved out to California.

TMN: The story goes that you really started to embrace EDM music after you went to Symbiosis Gathering. Kind of take us back to that moment when you were there, in the desert, surrounded my people dancing and electronic music blasting and tell us what that experience was like to make you decide to immediately pursue making that genre of music?

M: I went to Symbiosis only knowing a few of the artists on the lineup, but was suprised to see that all the producers and DJs, many unknown to me, were incredible performers. The art, workshops and the fact that the event wasn’t just about the music also inspired me to pursue a career that was closely tied in with this culture.

TMN: Now, you released your first EP ‘Panda Snatching Tycoon’ back in 2011 and found nationwide critical acclaim almost immediately. Besides the awesome title, tell us how that felt to release your music into the world. I’m sure there were nerves and doubts and sleepless nights, how did it feel though after you got your music out there?

M: Whenever I put out any sort of music, right before and after the release I’m always very anxious to see how it will be received, but I was very happy with the results of my first EP, especially when it a couple of the tracks started to get play by Bassnectar.

TMN: One thing I absolutely adore about your music is you can’t put it in one category. Sure, you are a true BASS man and that is probably where most of the descriptions come from, but your music covers such a wide range of sounds and melodies. How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to it before?

M: I always classify my music as melodic bass music. It’s a bit tough to describe in any other way.

TMN: I know this past spring/summer you had your first headlining tour which, congratulations that’s a huge accomplishment! As 2014 quickly approaches, what are your goals for the next year with music and tours and collaborations?

M: I’m currently working on completely my first full length album to be released in 2014. Up until now I’ve put out 5 EPs, so my first LP is my #1 priority. I want to create enough music so I can completely change my set and take out all of the older songs that I’m starting to get tired of.

TMN: Speaking of, is there an artist or group that you would give your right leg (or left) to work with?

M: Not really, I like my leg!

TMN: Let’s take a shift now and ask you those fun questions, if you had to be nicknamed another state, what state would it be? And no, you can’t take Flo-Rida.

M: Hmmm, I don’t think I would choose any other state name.

TMN: What are three things that you have in your fridge at all times?

M: Beer.

TMN: In honor of November, who is your hairiest man crush? In the music industry or not.

M: Pass

TMN: And then of course, who is your woman crush?

M: Emily Ratajkowski

TMN: When you are not making insane beats, what do you like to do on your down time?

M: Drink beer and travel with my girlfriend.

TMN: If an airline were giving out free tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

M: Thailand. That country looks absolutely breathtaking.

TMN: What is one song you never ever ever get sick of?

M: Dogs by Pink Floyd.

TMN: And the question we like to ask all artists, if your music were an animal, what animal would it be and why?

M: Orca Killer Whale because they are majestic but deadly and they’ll fuck you up if they want to.

TMN: Christian, thank you so much for sitting down with us today and showing us a little more about the man behind Minnesota. Best of luck with all your endeavors in the New Year!

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