Well this is just a lovely little spin on Lorde’s ‘A World Alone’.
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for this wonderful single produced by the fabulous gentlemen of Rigbi with the vocals of the highly talented Miranda Sloane. Taking the popular song and putting their own spin on it, Rigbi keeps the melody light while the deep, seductive, and even haunting vocals of Sloane give the song a bit of a grown up twist.

On the song the band explained: “The song was recorded in our own studio. Brian implemented a mix of electronic and acoustic drums into his kit which adds a unique flare to the song along with Pat’s auxiliary percussion. Our approach was to keep the structure of the original song by Lorde (which we love) the same and just add a level of intensity.
It was a great experience using different layering of instruments. The original doesn’t really have a bass line other than the keyboard on the low end so this left room for Randy to write his own bass part within the song”.

Combining the band’s instrumental genius with Sloane’s tantalizing vocals makes for an addicting pop/rock sound that caters to the listeners of all ages. Make sure to turn the volume on this video to a nice high level and get carried away.

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