We may only have a few more months of sunny weather to look forward to, and Tobtok wants to make sure we get the most of them.

Hailing from Sweden, this Producer/DJ is anything but what you’d expect from electronic music associated with his fellow countrymen. We had a chance to ask him a few choice questions the other day to take a deeper dive into the man behind the music. Press play on the delightful summer mix below, and catch up on this fast-rising young artist.

’Tobtok – Summer Mix’

Track List:

1. Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne – My Love (Oliver Nelson Remix)
2. Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better
3. Cyclist & Malko – Sunrise
4. Munk – Happiness Juice
5. Janet Jackson – Can’t B Good (Allure Remix)
6. Gigamesh – Your Body (JBAG Remix)
7. Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans
8. The Magician ft Years & Years – Sunlight
9. The Presets – No Fun (Lancelot Remix)
10. Blonde ft. Charli Taft – Higher Ground (Tobtok Remix)
11. Julian Perretta – Wildfire (Anoraak Remix)
12. Kiesza – Giant In My Heart (Billon Remix)
13. Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never (Wayward Remix)
14. Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back
15. Chris Malinchak ft. Mikky Ekko – Stranger (Blonde Remix)
16. Secondcity – I Wanna Feel
17. Julie McKnight – Diamond Life (Alex Adair Remix)
18. Aluna George – Superstar (Cosmo’s Midnight x Lido Remix)

TMN: Thank you so much for taking some time to answer a few questions for us! We really appreciate your time. Let’s kick things off by talking about your latest release. What can people come to expect from it?

My pleasure, I’m a big fan of Music Ninja!

My latest release is called “Higher”, which features vocals from the amazing Emil, who is the lead vocalist of Urban Cone! It’s a special tune for me, and the journey behind it has been long yet rich. It’s a simple and playful tune which could be described as Indie Disco.

’Tobtok ft. Emil Heró – Higher’

TMN: You also recently did a remix of a Lemaitre track, which we can only imagine is a huge influence of yours. What was that experience like?

They have since I started with disco-oriented music been a massive influence, and they have been important for the whole scene since way back! I love Lemaitre, and got the pleasure of hangin’ out with them in 2012 while they where in my hometown for a gig! It was an unforgettable night and ever since I’ve been longing to work with them.
Me and my good mate Oliver Nelson got the task to do a collab-remix on their latest single “High Tide”. The process was fun and felt very natural as we work very well together and have the same ideas and thoughts about most things about music-making.

High Tide (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)’

TMN: Going through your soundcloud, we definitely notice that you have an affinity for multiple musical genres. What types of music did you grow up on that lead you to this diversified sound?

I’ve always liked to be diverse when it comes to music. Growing up I was a lot into all kinds of Rock, and as I grew older my interest for electronic music got bigger. I think that the natural way of music is to always look forward and evolve as a musician as well as a person!

TMN: You seem to carry a certain laid-back tropical swagger in your production styles. Knowing that you’re from Sweden, how did you develop the desire to produce these types of sounds?

Actually it doesn’t make sense since Sweden is probably one of the least tropical places on earth hehe, but maybe that’s one of the reasons. As my life changed after my illness, I got a bit bored by the melancholic French-Touch and wanted to make something more happy and uplifting. This resulted in my track “Savanna”, and have had a similar vibe ever since. In recent times I’ve gone back to a more harder sound as I tend to go a bit more club-oriented.

TMN: Most people associate Swedish DJs with a much different sound than yours. Not that there’s anything wrong with the music that they produce, but have you found yourself battling that musical stigma that stems from the music of your fellow countrymen?

Definitely! The kind of music I’m doing isn’t a big deal here at all. In fact, I’m always mind-blown when I hear any of my tunes at the club. Sweden is a bit behind when it comes to electronic music, and our bigger names like Avicii is the most loved on radio and clubs. I’m starting to see a bigger interest in the underground electronic scene though!

TMN: Your sound has an undeniably infectious persona to it, which we can only imagine is a blast to see live. What can people expect when coming to a Tobtok show?

Variety! I see DJ’ing as a perfect opportunity to play all the tunes I love at the moment. Depending on set-time I usually play everything from chilled out Disco at 100 bpm, to harder Deep and Tech-House! To sum it up it’s one hell of party!

TMN: Let’s head back to your first live DJ performance. What was it like?

It was quite awkward to be honest. I believe it was around 2010 at some small club in my hometown. I had no idea how the CDJ’s worked but a handful of girls seemed to like my performance. Nothing I will forget, even if I wanted to hehe.

TMN: You’ve released a few things with Kitsune, a label that has introduced some legendary artists, including international rock sensation Two Door Cinema Club. Talk to us about your experience working with them.

Workin’ with Kitsuné has always been a long-time goal and dream for me ever since I started with Tobtok. The experience has been outstanding and I feel very fortunate to work with such a lovely company. There will be more from me on the label, I am working on an E.P. for them at the moment!

TMN: What are your thoughts on the state of the digital age of music? Do you focus on blogs, The Hype Machine and Soundcloud trends?

Those platforms are crucial in todays music-industry. It’s not about selling records anymore, but more about building your brand online. Personally I think it’s all a natural transition in this new digital age where social-media more or less controls our lives.

TMN: Wrapping things up, what can people expect from you for the rest of 2014?

Lot’s of Originals and Remixes, and hopefully a few gigs!

TMN: Thanks again for your time! We’re really thrilled to have you on TMN!


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