Good Times

It’s Monday. There’s no way to shake the fact that we’re once again left staring down five full days of work. There is a way to ease the pain, though, which involves a carefully concocted remedy of strong coffee, your favorite set of headphones, and the incredibly infectious indie rock anthem from Tors.

Brothers Matthew and Theo, along with their bandmates Andrew, Jack, and Sam, make up this London-based outfit, which should perk the ears for people who enjoy acts like Kodaline, The Decemberists, and Mumford & Sons. After just one release, many have already taken to their gifted songwriting abilities, playful song arrangements, and well-crafted lyrics, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

With “Fool on the Floor” experiencing notable success over the past four months, it’s now time to focus on the undeniably charming vibes of “Good Times.” The title really says it all, as it encapsulates the toothy-grin-inducing, sing-along nature that listeners experience throughout a memorable four minutes. The nostalgic air that surrounds it makes it immidiately enjoyable, calling back on warm, indie pop tracks we’ve all come to know and love, yet maintaining a fresh and authentic sound.

To help get you singing along with this anthemic tune a little quicker, we’re also pleased to premiere a lyric video along with the song itself. To be honest though, with lyrics like these, you probably would have picked them up without it.

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