Chedda Da Connect
Flicka Da Wrist (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Chedda Da Connect meets Gorilla Bass in this “Flicka Da Wrist” flip by the latter act. It’s hard for a lot of new, emerging acts to get there music out there, but the producer has managed to create appealing takes on interesting records. Gorilla Bass has released two other cool edits prior to this one, and with this latest he moves back into the realm of trap to deliver a turn’t up version of the dirty south original. Although it’s geared towards a party atmosphere, it’s not an over the top raging banger; rather, it’s tasteful with the energy, lending itself to do wonders with crowds in all sorts of settings. Much like the other remixes, this one is being released for free, so if you have your wrists flicking, do yourself a favor and download the track.

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