Clips X Ahoy & Egzod
Everything (ft. KLA)

Get those trap arms ready because “Everything” is here. The collaboration between the producers Clips X Ahoy and Egzod has just that, everything. A super vocal from KLA, monstrous basslines, catchy melodies and more. It’s so good in fact that Insomniac Events has chosen it as their song of the day.

“Everything” feels like two tracks in one. It starts out with a trapstyle drop, but doesn’t deliver you the typical dirty south screeches that a lot of producers of the genre push. Instead, Clips X Ahoy and Egzod drops some heat with their unique sounds and then continue that into a totally different area the second half of the song. We won’t give it away, but we know you’ll enjoy it. “Everything” is currently available on digital platforms and as a free download.

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