I was lucky enough to catch Flosstradamus in San Francisco on Friday night and was absolutely blown away by the electro-pioneers’ amount of energy and talent. Their set featured a perfect mix of the hardest-hitting hip-hop, electro-trap and original new tracks, including “UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM,” which in my mind is the anthem for the emerging genre. Their most recent incredible BANNED mix featured a brief preview of this cut, but it wasn’t until I saw them play the whole thing that I realized its potential to be a launching point for a whole niche of up ‘n coming producers and DJs. Upon returning to my place, around 4am, I found that they had released this song via Twitter seemingly right after coming off stage. The hype of their show, along with the unveiling of this mesmerizing trap thesis, kept me and a group of several friends getting ratchet until about six in the morning in my living room with the stereo at its loudest.

“UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM” proves as yet another compelling case for an exciting genre, which may very well change the landscape of both EDM and hip-hop for years to come. Stream the track below and notice that your head keeps nodding well after the captivating and addicting music stops. Download it for free here: Flosstradamus – UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM.

’Flosstradamus – UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM’
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