The good people over at FrshBlood are continuing to unleash some gnarly tunes from talented producers all across the world. Their latest project comes through as an EP from Holly entitled Beijing. Complete with three unique tracks, this EP is a testament to where bass music can go.

Holly’s had a seemingly infinite amount of releases with many of those being interesting, left-field works. This entire EP is just that, delving out a variety of sounds that have a weird – in the best way possible – edge to them. “Web Friendship” is a dark trap record that goes by in a flash because of how good it is and its short length. You’ll be jamming it on repeat, but don’t get stuck because twerky “Fomuh Ride” is in need of your attention along with the third single. “New York Taco” is where the Asian influence jumps into the mix and may be our favorite track on the project. Listen through and get your copy today.

’Holly X Frost – Web Friendship’
’Holly X Jupe – Fomuh Ride’
’Holly – New York Taco (ft. Inverness)’
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