Lights Out (Feat. Abhi the Nomad)

One of the artists we always look forward to hearing from is PatrickReza. 2017 is set to be an incredible year for the young producer who has put out quality single after single. He continues his stride with his newest original, “Lights Out” featuring Abhi the Nomad.

With electronic music increasingly melding the hip-hop/pop world into its belly, we’re going to get a lot more records like this one. The only thing is, a lot of them will not be this good. Patrick shows yet again why he deserves to be on everyone’s radar, while Abhi does the same with his performance on this one. “Lights Out” has an interesting sound; it is tailored to the trap style, but doesn’t hold itself completely to it. Patrick puts his own flavor in, with the result being something spectacular. Not only is it a memorable piece of music, but it is available for free.

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