Ryden is back. Every time she comes out with something, our eyes and ears are at the ready. Today she kicks up an interesting tune for the holiday called “Murderer” that is anything but your average V-Day song. In fact, she’s deemed it an “anti-love” song, paying it forward to people in need of their own individual breakthroughs.

With Ryden, you can always expect true art. Her creations are filled with her own experiences in life, something some creators aren’t too open about doing; or if they do, they water things down a bit to fit the mold they are going for. Ryden and especially “Murderer” aren’t watered down a bit. With this single we get to see her usual orchestral influenced sound that is quite striking in contrast to a lot of work coming out today. She is an artist paving her own way and that’s something we can respect. Get “Murderer” today on the digital service of your choosing.

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