Skrillex & Team EZY Feat. NJOMZA
Pretty Bye Bye (Bad Royale Remix)

We thought a Bad Royale remix with Walshy Fire in one week was enough, but apparently the BR boys didn’t think so. Now enter their remix of “Pretty Bye Bye” by Skrillex x Team EZY and NJOMZA. Available as a free download, this behemoth is a must have and you have no excuse to sleep on it.

The thing we love about Bad Royale is that they have their own style. It translates across several genres, but one of their mainstays is the trap arena, which this resides in. Their sound design is unique, whether you’re talking the first drop or the second (OMG is this one dank) and their style is something others can’t easily replicate. Bad Royale are truly one of a kind and they prove it through every single release they do. “Pretty Bye Bye” in it’s new form has a totally new makeup and may even be better. We’ll let you decide!

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