Let’s just start by saying the Global Gate 808 EP by SOOHAN is simply extraordinary. We’d be hard-pressed to find anything similar to this in style, but even then, the production quality and creative capacity of this project would trump anything we’d find. SOOHAN of Baltimore really killed it with this release, which fuses sounds from the East with the 808 style.

There’s not one bad song on this project, which rolls ten deep. All ten are remixes of foreign tracks, mixed in with US samplings of hip-hop. Usually when someone tries to take sounds from other countries, it can be sort of corny or a weak appropriation that doesn’t really work. Global Gate 808 more than works, it jives with with everything you knew you wanted and more. SOOHAN is someone we will be keeping a keen eye on. If you’re tired of the same old sounds, SOOHAN is the sonic superhero you’ve been waiting for. Download the EP on Bandcamp for free, or purchase it if you wanna give back.

’Fly My Voice – Warsaw Village Band (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Ki Allo – Elli Kokkinou (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sarwar Kahun – Shabbir Abu Talib (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sushu – Zalem Delarbre (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sunshine – Rye Rye (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Kaur – Anmol Gagan Maan (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Trap, Mome! – Oratnitza (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Story Of Pingala – Karnamrita (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Tiren Gelir – Svirka Women’s Balkan Chorus (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sabali – Amadou And Mariam (SOOHAN Remix)’
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