Mr. Collipark, Atom Pushers, DJ Wavy
Booty Bounce Pop ft. Ying Yang Twins

For fans of rap music pre-2010, the names Mr. Collipark and Ying Yang Twins should be known already. The former has made his way in dance music in the past couple years, making great headway with his party tracks. His latest, a collaboration with the Atlanta duo, along with Atom Pushers and DJ Wavy on “Booty Bounce.” This original crossover record is a bubbly twerk production that may become one of the great pillars within the sub-genre.

The Ying Yang Twins bring their appropriate crunk attitude to the world of dance music, which resulted in one loud call for worldwide romp-shaking. We think it’s safe to say that butts will be moving about when this one is being played through the speakers, as it is one intoxicating piece of music. All these cats know how to put a record, and we’re glad they came together to create something as spectacular as “Booty Bounce.” Make sure to grab it on iTunes if you dig it!

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