Two Cartoons

We’re always happy to bring you fresh, new tracks on Monday morning, knowing full and well it will help ease you into your work week. Today, we have a rippin’ indie rock song coming to your ears from all the way down in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Coming off their debut album, Happiness is Trouble, “Males” showcases not only the raw musical talent Two Cartoon’s possess, but their songwriting ability as well. Calling on associations of Brit Pop acts like The Kooks and The Wombats, an immediate familiarity floods through with a catchy guitar cadence, hazy vocals, and upbeat percussion. While that, and the oh-so-addictive chorus, are more than enough to reel us in, these two take a turn to the heavy, dropping into a devastatingly wicked guitar solo. For those readers out there who grew up pretending to wail out on your air guitar in your bedroom – get ready to dust it off. You’ll need it.

Lyrically, “Males” gives listeners an acutely self-aware glimpse into the band’s struggle in fighting an all-too-familiar stigma. Fearing being seen as the typical, aggressive, oft-misogynistic man that can be found in any number of bars and clubs in any city across the globe, they’re left wanting to “never leave home,” to avoid any association with that stereotype. Here in the states, we call those guys “Bros,” and we can certainly understand the concern for that societal affiliation.

“Males” can be found on Happiness Is Trouble early next year on Far South Records. We strongly suggest you follow these cats on facebook to keep tabs on the official release date.

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