Swiss base DJ/Producer Sabb is back and returns with a brand new label. His debut album ‘Randiant’ marks the ten year point of his musical adventure into sound. His ever evolving quality of music is what makes him a vibrant artist. After touring the world and appearing on BBC’s Radio 1 show w/Pete Tong and Annie Mac, you should expect nothing but greatness. In 2015 he was one of Resident Advisors top charted artists.

When creating sound, Sabb has the ability to make you feel like you’re somewhere else. With each kick, snare, and swirly synth, Sabb generates organic layers of texture that equal a balanced techno experience. Sabb has a classic and elegant way of communicating his musical talents with the world. With all of these elements combined you receive a nice vibration.

Be on the look out April 6th when ‘Radiant’ drops.

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