As we continue on through our month of Niglio, we’re offered up a glimpse into what his top five songs are at this very moment. Most of these were pretty on point with what we expected from him, but one threw us for a little bit of a loop.

Take a listen through each and check out what he had to say about why he’s digging it.

I just found this track today through my promo email, and wow, this is truly remarkable. Gotta be one of the hardest trap tracks I’ve ever heard.
’Hell Trap’
What happens when you take a GTA style intro & break, mix it with a Deorro inspired drop, and give it loads of drugs? This. First time I heard this I spent an hour replaying the drop over and over.
’Ido B & Zooki – Yokozuna (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
Another track from the depth of my promo email; you’re not quite sure where this goes, but when that swung kick & stretched vocal sample hit, you don’t care.
’Naid Riot – RED KILLA’
Yup, another promo sent to me; how lucky I am that people send me stuff this high quality. What an incredible production. The melody on the drop is something straight out of a dream.
’Astronaut – Quantum (Enyo & Mario Ayuda Radio Edit)’
A lot of people don’t know, but I’m a huge reggae fan (I even listen to it while taking showers). It’s tough finding new quality reggae, especially given that 90% of my music time is spent on EDM sites & blogs. I mainly use Spotify to find new reggae, but I was lucky enough to stumble onto this masterpiece yesterday on Soundcloud. Enjoy!
’Steppin’ Out – Alborosie & David Hinds of Steel Pulse’
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