Folk music has gotten a bad rep ever since its conception, especially in the United States. When most people think about folk music, they usually dismiss it as Country with the production value of a garage band. In fact, prior to the 1960’s it was referred to as the ‘poor mans country music’, a stigma that is still present today. It has gone through several periods of revival since its departure from ‘traditional folk music’ but its popularity has largely remained limited until recent years. In just the last 5 we have been fortunate to come across bands like Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, ES&MZ that have become pioneers of the genre forcing their way into global attention (Great example is Bon Iver FINALLY winning a Grammy).

Folk music is strengthening every day and it is thanks to upcoming bands like Wild Child, the current sleeper cells of the genre, that we are able to appreciate honest music. The Austin-Based six-piece bands excels at creating beautiful instrumentation with the magnificent vocals of female singer Kelsey Wilson. Their debut album ‘Pillow Talk’ (mastered by grammy-winning engineer Erik Wofford) is about the journeys of modern romance and the fortifying love of two people deeply united. With every song you get a new story told entirely different and yet able to express the exact same emotions that two people can feel true love. ‘The Tale Of You & Me’ happens to be the last track on the album, and one of the most powerful. The playful tongue-n-cheek lyrics, flirt-ful banter and a surprising background choir rising to the occasion, fill the song with an uncompromising childlike joy, similar to two hearts reunited once again.

‘Pillow Talk’ was released on October 25th and you can purchase the album here.

Wild Child – The Tale Of You & Me

’Wild Child – The Tale Of You & Me’


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