America (Ghosts Remix)

With just one song, XYLO turned the blogosphere on its head, causing a panicked-stricken need to hit the keyboards and write up this undiscovered act. Now, with 3/4 million plays on their single Soundcloud release, we’re sitting back and enjoying the remixes that are pouring in.

GHOSTS definitely tops our list with one of our favorite interpretations of this hauntingly beautiful tune, as this mysterious Austrian Alp-based outfit has dialed in a perfectly balanced deep house remixes. The combination of pitched down vocal samples with relatively untreated vocals artfully pair with the booming bass, and haunting bell tolls. Rounding out the experience, we found that the uplifting melody counter-balances the dark nuances, creating a highly engaging tune through and through.

This remix is available for free on GHOSTS Soundcloud page.

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