Mondays are not renowned for being the best day of the week, if you work in an office you’ve no doubt had your thrilling weekly “team brief” whilst your mind wanders away to that happy place – well here’s a track that can help you get there quicker… Yay!

Coming at you with hammond organs, finger clicks and some amazing vocals from Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karren O – it’s a brilliant remix of Maps by Russian producer Cosmonaut Grechko. For those who are unaware of Cosmonaut Grechko, you need to check out his back catalogue on SoundCloud – he’s a bit of a genius and I’d recommend his Metric remix of Collect Call – very good.

So what are you waiting for – whisk yourself away to that “Monday Happy Place” and hit the play button!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Cosmonaut Grechko version)

’Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (Cosmonaut Grechko version)’

Via music blog Give Quiche A Chance

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