Following a successful string of releases that have racked up over three million streams on Soundcloud and Spotify, the now Toronto-based Zanski is ready to offer up his debut EP, Collapse.

This five-track collection is coming your way January 13th, but we have an exclusive sneak peek at the first single. “Soul” is a groovy little number, featuring funky guitar licks, heavy, thumping basslines, and a playful balance of alternating versions of Zanski’s own voice. Creating his own vocal harmonies with separate recordings, he’s able to blend RnB and pop seamlessly, bringing together the best of both worlds. His impassioned delivery can be felt throughout, a testament to what this track and EP mean to him.

Since moving to Toronto, I’ve had a lot of time to take in everything around me and really hone in on my music making process. ‘Soul’ is about feeling alone; like you’re not moving. It’s a feeling I had before I arrived. The song encapsulates the stagnation that artists can feel and the release that you get when there is a change of scenery.

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