Zedd‘s newest album Clarity is definitely one of the greatest albums of its kind this year. Track after track proves to have a phenomenal quality. Each hold its own weight and doesn’t sound as though it was just thrown into the tracklisting as filler, which isn’t something you often see in electronic albums. Usually there are three or four solid hits, while the rest feels like generic electro. However, Clarity is in no way like this.

If you want to invest in an electronic album that will cover a lot of ground genre-wise and will light up a dance floor, this is definitely it, hands down. The spectrum of electronic music genres on it is pretty large, with many of the songs representing the different genres very well. From heavy electro house tracks like “Codec” and “Stache” to lighter progressive pieces such as “Lost At Sea” and “Follow You Down,” and everything in between, Zedd knows when and how to use vocals and chords perfectly. My favorites are “Spectrum” and “Fall Into The Sky” featuring Ellie Goulding (how can you go wrong with that?).

Clarity flows so well that it can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what genre of electronic music they like or even if they don’t care for it at all. Zedd has showed a tremendous amount of skill with this debut and he’s only going to get better. You can stream some samples below and pick up the album on iTunes here. It will be available on Beatport on October 9th.

’Zedd – Hourglass (ft. Liz)’
’Zedd –  Shave It Up’
’Zedd – Spectrum (ft. Matthew Koma)’
’Zedd –  Lost at Sea (ft. Ryan Tedder)’
’Zedd – Clarity (ft. Foxes)’
’Zedd –  Codec’
’Zedd – Stache’
’Zedd – Fall Into The Sky (ft. Ellie Goulding)’
’Zedd – Follow You Down (ft. Bright Lights)’
’Zedd – Epos’
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Matthew Koma