I am happy to announce that I will be opening up a new Spanish category on The Music Ninja (on the big red menubar you see up there ^^). I am discovering and rediscovering Spanish bands that due to my lack of initiative to listen to Spanish music in the past, was not aware of them. With that said, I present you an already popular alternative/psychedelic group from Mexico that goes by the name of Zoé. Although not very well known in the US, Zoé has been dominating in Latin America since the late 90s.

Their forth LP titled “Reptilectric” was released November of last year and opened at number one in the Mexican charts. They are mostly considered an alternative rock band that with their fearless pursuit of experimentation with their music, makes them come across as experimental and psychedelic. No two songs are alike and yet each song is executed with such bliss, incorporating a spectrum of music elements that reflect their ingenuity just as much as give light to why these guys are making so much noise in the Spanish genre. I loved their entire album from their heartfelt, mellow melodic song “Luna”, to their songs with heavier Spanish guitar influences like “Poli” to their single with a very trippy video “Reptilectric”. I am a little embarrassed that I just now came across these guy but its better late than never.

reptilectricReptilectric – Zoé



Nada – Zoé


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Luna – Zoé




If you’re looking for more information on the Spanish music scene, or are an up-and-coming Spanish artist yourself, check out Musico DIY from our friends over at CD Baby.

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