Chill Dojo regulars shouldn’t be too surprised about what comes up in my 2015 playlist. The volume of amazing music just gets bigger and bigger every year, and as hard as it is to keep up with it all, it’s even tougher to narrow it down to just 15 tracks. Nevertheless, the entrants below have endured a series of rigorous challenges to emerge from the Dojo as my chosen few…

…Well it really wasn’t that dramatic. They’re just the ones that have been stuck in my head consistently all year. Here are the reasons why:

’Mura Masa – Firefly (ft. Nao)’

Out of all the artists who have had a big 2015,Mura Masa has definitely shown the most promise for me. Not only has ‘Firefly’ been my number 1 addiction all year, but together with a number of his other stellar releases, he’s managed to define his own signature sound which has served as an inspiration to the producers around him. That’s no small feat.

’Cosmo’s Midnight – Walk With Me (feat. KUČKA)’
Cosmo’s Midnightdelivered not only one of 2015’s indie dance anthems, but also one of the most entertaining music videos to go with it. Huskies, matching tracksuits, and a killer piece of choreography all come together to show that these spirited Aussie twins can nail a dance routine just as well as they handle production. ‘Walk With Me’ was recently released on their Moments EP, which showcases more of their phenomenal work this year.

’Snakehips – All My Friends (Wave Racer Remix) PREVIEW’
Wave Racer was always going to make his way on to this list in one way or another. ‘All My Friends’ has catapulted itself into mainstream success, but Wavey’s trademark colorful sound elevates this hit to another level. That said, any one of the tracks on his Flash Drive EP could easily have found themselves included as well.

’Sable – One And Only’
The promotion of Sable’s URL LUV tour across Australia was one of the most creative social media campaigns this year, incorporating a series of comics and a steady release of new songs in the lead up to the gigs across the country. Though his alter ego Shadow Sable allowed him to showcase a darker side to his music, the blissful vibe of ‘One And Only’ will be the lasting memory of this incredible show.

’Izzard & Blankts – Threads’
One of the best revelations of 2015 was the emergence of the Soda Island collective, giving light to a glorious group of artists crafting songs which act as an aural window to the magical world they represent. Of all their 2015 releases, Izzard and Blankts’ ‘Threads’ tugged at the heartstrings from the very first listen and hasn’t let go since.

’Ryan Hemsworth – Snow In Newark (Grynpyret Remix)’
Another inhabitant of Soda Island is the mysterious Grynpyret, and while ‘Boba Beach’ was his official contribution to the cause, his remix of ‘Snow in Newark’ was such an imaginative interpretation of the original that it just couldn’t be overlooked.

’Louis The Child – It’s Strange (Ft. K.Flay)’
This one has made its way into plenty of best of 2015 lists across the blogosphere, and with good reason too. ‘It’s Strange’ encompasses the pair’s ethos of creating music that makes you happy, and the music industry has taken notice.

’San Holo – We Rise’
His moniker couldn’t be any more relevant right now, but a clever choice of name is certainly not the thing that San Holo can hang his hat on for his success this year. The combination of slick beats and euphoric basslines do that job just fine, and ‘We Rise’ is one of his best displays of that.

’WRLD – Razor Leaf’

The young mind of WRLD is a vibrant universe inspired by a number of different influences. His prolific efforts in the future bass space are the outcome of that mind at work, and ‘Razor Leaf’ is an example of his enchanting melodies on full display.

’Gallant – Weight In Gold (Brasstracks Remix)’
Clocking in as one of the most remixed tracks of 2015, Gallant certainly left his mark with the soulful anthem ‘Weight in Gold’. Brasstracks ensured they gave this one the edit it truly deserved in the best way they know how.

’Lido x Brasstracks – Four Five Seconds’
Not content with only one remix on this list, Brasstracks demanded a second feature thanks to their collaboration with Lido on this joyful take on ‘Four Five Seconds’. When you combine the musical powerhouses that provide the lyrics with these adepts of the production game, you know something unforgettable is about to be heard.

’Towkio – Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane)’
The lineup of names was enough to prelude the enormity of this track before a single bar was dropped. Straight fire!

’Action Bronson – Baby Blue ft. Chance The Rapper (Prod. Mark Ronson)’
From one piece of hip hop brilliance to the next, Action Bronson and Chance combine for one of the ultimate breakup songs. The simple hook yet incredibly catchy hook is just made to sing along with, while the rest of the clever lyricism embodies a much deeper message about hurt.

’RÜFÜS – You Were Right’
RÜFÜS shook up the airwaves with their numerous hits this year, but the deep, driving beat and addictive chorus cement ‘You Were Right’ as the pinnacle of the bunch. This one was made to be played out in front of a packed audience.

’Fatboy Slim – Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)’
The last spot in this list belongs to my favorite groove of 2015, courtesy of some remix heat from Autograf. Musical trends will come and go each year, but nobody can deny a slick jungle beat to send a dancefloor into an absolute frenzy. The serious Crash Bandicoot vibes bring back a flood of nostalgia every time.
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