indie-dojo-music-ninjaWe all have those songs that we find eeeeextremely annoying the first time we hear them. So annoying that we publicly swear we will never listen to it again.  But then someway, somehow, they magically creep into our world and we find ourselves enjoying it more than we ever hated it. You know the one. The song that we blast in our cars and then the moment our friend gets in we quickly hit the next button while expressing how stupid it is.  The funny this is, those friends are probably secretly wishing you would have kept it on. And honestly, why should we be embarrassed of our musical taste? Everyone has got that one stupid song or 100 stupid songs for that matter. So be a ninja. Stand tall and let your musical taste fly free…..

’Milky Chance – Down by the River’
’Morningbell – Goodbye And Goodbye And Goodbye And Goodbye’
’Bipolar Sunshine – Rivers’
’Slothpop – Kokoro’
’Worry Dolls – Polaroids’
’Settling – Put a Ring On It (Beyonce Cover)’


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