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Has anyone else noticed that December was a pretty awesome time for electro?! We missed a few gems and found a few more this week for you to slam into your party playlist so here goes.



What a huge 4 weeks for French producer Brodinski. Hovering between the lines of electro, techno, house and minimal, the past 2 months have seen some of the best sounding originals and remixes come out of the producer. Quickly becoming one of the most respected DJ’s in the industry, Brodinski stated his career on the Erol Alkan forums – a well known hot bed for any upcoming DJ’s. The following tracks are fresh tunes that really got me going:

Download: Brodinski – Let the Beat Control your Body  (Jumping Jack Flash Remix)

’Let the Beat Control your Body – Jumping Jack Flash Remix.mp3′

Download Gesaffelstein – Viol  (Brodinski Remix)

’Viol – Brodinski Remix.mp3′


A great month too for house producer Nicky Romero… after hustling the scene for a long time his latest offerings are getting a lot of attention and I have so say… I’m loving them!

Download: Tonite Only – Haters Gonna Hate – (Nicky Romero Out Of Space Remix)

’Haters Gonna Hate – Nicky Romero Out Of Space Remix.mp3′

Download: Nicky Romero – Toulouse (Original Mix)

’Toulouse – Original Mix.mp3′

Nima Nesta Feat Aysan – Opus 44 [Beatport Link

’Nima Nesta Feat Aysan – Opus 44.mp3′

Download: Quintino – The One And Only (Original Mix)

’The One And Only – Original Mix.mp3′


And for all you Dubstep lovers… don’t think we forgot about you.

Download: Bitch Please vs Internet Friends – BL3ND Mash Up

’Bitch Please vs Internet Friends – BL3ND Mash Up.mp3′

Download: Katy Perry – E.T. (Tim Ismag Remix)

’E.T. by Katy Perry – Tim Ismag Remix.mp3′

Download: Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (catex Remix)

’Till The World Ends by Britney Spears – catex Remix.mp3′

Picture credit: xwingyoda

Big’ups to GDD for being generally awesome in their electro taste too

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