Electronic music today is truly amazing. The ‘genre’ is no longer simply an outlet to rage your face off and dispose of your clothing; it has become a unique, emotionally propelled experience where nothing can be expected.

First with Deadmau5 and ‘The Veldt’, and now Above and Beyond, with their beautiful new track, ‘Small Moments Like These’, we can truly just see the progression, and the direction this still malleable form of music is beginning to take. Even while attempting to write this, I had difficulty not drifting off in to the melodious chords of the soothing piano. This piece screams perfection, with a simplistic, emotionally-driven melody fueling the entire track from start to finish.

It truly is the small moments like these that make for a grand experience. Please show some support by liking Above and Beyond’s Facebook page, which will in turn unlock the download to this gem. This.. This is somethin’ else.

’Above Beyond – Small Moments’
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