Gregory and the Hawk is the solo project of Meredith Godreau and many of her musician friends (most prominently Mike). She writes and performs mellow acoustic ballads. Her First few releases were self funded and sold through her website and using myspace as a promotions tool sold 15,000 copies of her songs. Till this day I still consider Boats and Birds one of the softests and sweetest songs I’ve heard so far and I hate to admit it but hearing Protohype’s remix gave me goosebumps. -last.fm

Gregory and the Hawk-Boats and Birds(Protohype Remix)

’Gregory and the Hawk
Boats and Birds(Protohype Remix).mp3′

Gregory And The Hawk – Boats And Birds (Original)

’Gregory And The Hawk – Boats And Birds.mp3′

Moenie & KitchiIf you like delicate acoustic melodies and soothing female vocals you should definitely check out Wild West and Gray Weather from her 2008 release ‘Moenie and Kitchi

Gregory And The Hawk – Wild West


Gregory And The Hawk – Fatcat Records, Grey Weather

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