Adam Tell
Fiction In The Fire

It’s easy for electronic pop to be given a bad rap these days, with common preconceptions of being all flash and little substance when compared to masterful displays of production that can hold their ground without any need for lyrics. And then along comes an artist like Adam Tell to turn that perception around in an instant, putting forward a solid case that words can elevate these sounds to another level beyond pure melodic obsession. That will be the story told through his Fiction EP set to release tomorrow, and who better than Fox Stevenson’s own Cloudhead records to share it?

In the lead-up to the event, we’ve been given a taste of what’s in store with a premiere of ‘Fiction In The Fire’. As promised, you’ll find an addictive combination of Adam’s uplifting vocals together with sweeping soundscapes and glorious melodies that offer something more than what you’ll get from mainstream radio.

If you feel your previous assumptions fading, you can check out the pre-order here.

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