Falling (Jia Lih Remix)

It was only a few months ago that we were first introduced to the mesmerizing Adria, as she released her stunning piano ballad “Falling” to the world. The original, which was recorded in Paul Epworth’s Church studio in London with producer Matthew Wiggins, features nothing more than Adria’s enveloping vocal tone and an accompanying calming piano.

With such lovely vocals, it was only a matter of time before a remixer was introduced, and we’re pleased to be the ones bringing you that remix. Enter Jia Lih, and up-and-coming producer, who puts his spin on this monumental original.

Adria’s vocals are treated with the utmost respect in this interpretation, ensuring they’re still the hero for the listener. Sections of the piano were brought in as well, accompanied by booming basslines, crashing percussion, and fluttering synths. The end result is a massively pleasing future remix, one we’ll certainly be jamming here at TMN HQ for months to come.

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