You can call the overwhelming earnestness of The Suburbs, the latest Arcade Fire effort, something of a return to form, but I won’t. Clearly, there is retrospect and nostalgia that colors this album, but as Régine put it on “In the Backseat”, “I’ve been learning to drive. My whole life, I’ve been learning.” It’d be great if we could all just be passengers on the journey of our lives, watching life as it unfolds, but eventually we have to grow up and take the wheel. The Suburbs is a new page, but if you must, you can think of it as a maturation from Funeral. It can’t match the excitement of either of the first two records, but really, isn’t that what growing up is all about? Read full review at

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

’01 – The Suburbs.mp3′

Arcade Fire – Suburban War


Arcade Fire – Rococo

’Arcade Fire_04_Rococo.mp3′
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