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A couple of weeks I posted about Cosmo Jarvis song “Shes Got You” simply because it stroke me as a great song but due to my somewhat busy schedule lately, I didn’t not have much time to look more into his music. HUGE Mistake! Fortunately for me, a couple of days after I received a copy of his double album Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch for review. Just by looking at the cover art, I knew I was in for a special treat.

The cover art was ‘entertaining’ in a very odd kind of way. It featured a silhouette-like picture of a guy bending over, peeing upwards and trying to drink his own juice. I am almost positive he was his own stunt man. It wasn’t until I was half way through Humasyouhitch that everything suddenly made sense. It is transparent in his music that Cosmo Jarvis, above all else, just wants to enjoy life and have fun with music. Not only can you tell he is enjoying himself but his genuine energy and emotion becomes contagious the more you listen to it. Whats surprising about his double album is that all songs are completely unique, from fast paced pop tunes with funny self deprecating rhymes, to more poetic, slow acoustic ballads, he does it all. It has happy ukulele-driven melodies that are perfect for driving to the beach and especially on the SONOFABITCH side, its got a couple of songs that are meant for a rainy day.

The record is full of hopeful stories about a teenager dealing with the every day life of adolescence. And just like most teenagers, the album matures over time changing its tone and musical styles. There is a noticeable difference between the 9 track of Humasyouhitch and the 9 of Sonofabitch. Humasyouhitch is much less structured when it comes the vocals. In ‘Mel’s Song’ and ‘Jessica Alba’s Number’, his lyrics are similar to teenage rants and wishful dreams about beautiful girls. While on the on the Sonofabitch side, songs are softer with a much delicate acoustic sound. Even in “Sort Yourself Out” he confesses “I am getting to old for this young mans game” reflecting a more mature approach to life.

His music may appear nonchalant but his album is a serious piece of catchy pop rock melodies and charming storytelling.

Cosmo Jarvis – Shes Got You (Edit Version)


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Cosmo Jarvis – Gone, Like You

’03 Gone Like You.mp3′

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Cosmo Jarvis -Maxine

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Cosmo Jarvis – Sort Yourself Out

’06 Sort Yourself Out.mp3′

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