Inlets – Inter Arbiter  album review
On first listen, one might say that Inlets write folk songs. However, that’s only true on the most superficial level. Many songs on their latest album only loosely follow conventional song structures, and even when they do cleave closer to a popular style there’s some strange instrumentation that may throw listeners off the scent. Indeed, Inlets give into some experimental tendencies, but despite the ostensible lack of accessibility they have crafted a thoroughly enjoyable album for all ears, even those not used to bands with experimental leanings. Inlets have gained quite a few Grizzly Bear comparisons so far, and they sort of make sense: Sebastian Krueger’s vocals have a powerful-yet-serene quality not dissimilar to Ed Droste, and the music on Inter Arbiter is atmospheric à la Veckatimest. However, it would be more accurate to draw a comparison to Joanna Newsom. There’s the unconventional instrumentation, the quavering vocals and, most importantly, the sense that each song might just collapse in on itself at any moment. It’s this sense of danger and feeling of unpredictability, paired with Inlets’ gift for creating accessible melodies that makes Inter Arbiter such a compelling record. inlets album reviewRead full review at

Inlets – In Which, I, Robert”


Inlets – Bright Orange Air

’Inlets – Bright Orange Air’

Inlets – Pictures Of Trees

’Inlets – Pictures of Trees.mp3′
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