A couple days ago MartyParty dropped a massive trapped out LP titled, MVP. Featuring everything from Purple Trap to Glitched out Dub, and all of it is original. Some notable tunes you don’t want to miss is this intro titled “MVP”, which drops some clever samples and a heavy 808 infused beat. Possibly the catchiest tune on the whole EP, “All In The Game” dropping a funky 8-Bit melody backed with massive synths and heavy bass. Probably the most unique track is “Angry Beethoven” and it features some laser infused wobbles and melodic chords that come together flawlessly. “Big Block” is the filthiest tune on MVP, and it brings some grimey hard hitting Dub mixed with swirling synths, that hit at all the right times. If you want to check out all 16 tracks on the EP, click here.

’MartyParty – MVP Intro’
’MartyParty – All in the Game’
’MartyParty – Angry Beethoven (with mΔxiavelli) (Free from MVP)’
’MartyParty – Big Block’
’MartyParty – Summer Sex’
’MartyParty – Bling Bling’
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