After hearing so many great Nero tracks over the past 18-months – this album is long over due. Nero were formed way back in 2004 and right now the London duo are top of their game. Relentlessly touring, constantly crafting out top notch remixes and now finally releasing their 19 track debut album – the stage is set for Dan & Joe to really take their sound worldwide. So what should you expect? Well put simply − it’s Nero plus!

Firstly – the album draws from a smorgasbord of inspiration from the likes of The Bloody Beetroots, Daft Punk, The Magnetic Man boys and Deadmau5 (no surprises there ay) yet the instantly recognisable Nero synths & vocals are threaded through the whole album, almost re-assuring you that you’re in a safe place… thanks.

Track Listing: 01: 2808, 02:Doomsday. 03:My Eyes, 04:Guilt. 05:Fugue State, 06:Me And You, 07:Innocence, 08:In The Way, 09:Scorpions. 10:Crush On You, 11:Must Be The Feeling, 12:Reaching Out, 13:Promises, 14:Departure

Amongst the expected big hitters of ‘Guilt’, ‘Me & You’ and ‘Promises’ lies some epic sounds. Doomsday is one of those tracks. More grandiose then the Titanic, it throws down a hard hitting symphonic assault on your ears that sets the tone of what’s to come, whilst giving a head nod to Warp 1.9 and the legend that is Sir Bob Cornelious Rifo (Bloody Beetroots).

With each track flowing seamlessly from one to the other and each featuring a healthy dose of European electro, you’re definitely taken on a journey though Nero’s world. ‘Must Be The Feeling’ shows that the boys have a welcome weakness for nu-disco, showcasing some cheeky slap bass, pulsing synths and infectious violins. It really sounds like they had fun with the 80’s vibe and the keyboard at the end… you can almost picture them in the studio tapping away at the keys, wearing a bit of sparkly spandex and over using the word Bodacious to describe what they’ve just made… or is that just me?!

On the other end of the spectrum sits ‘In The Way’ featuring some low frequency dubstep baselines that grumble their way through the track, accompanied by some space echoed vocals from Alana. Really, a bold move from Nero but mixed between these two extremes, they’ve crafted out a some really epic tracks that whilst may not always deliver a heavy sucker punch, will keep you gripped to what comes next along the way.

If I was to pick 2 fresh album tracks to listen too (and I will!), I’d have to pick the chunky guitar driven ‘My Eyes’ and ‘Must Be The Feeling’. But I’m not gonna lie – I had a glance at what the critics said about this album and they weren’t kind. For me, Nero isn’t the finished product but just an expression of where they’re heading. This album is more of a journey – showcasing some of the sounds that are at the forefront of EDM right now and as a music fan – i’m in for the ride.

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Download: Nero – My Eyes

’Nero – My Eyes’

Download: Nero – Must Be The Feeling

’Nero – Must Be The Feeling’

Oh go on then…. I can’t resist! Just for kicks.. here’s my favourite Nero remix to date from legends Knife Party… I bloody love this one!

Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)

’Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)’

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