Drum’n’bass has long been popular in the UK and around much of the world, but has never really been able to break out of the niche audience of those preternaturally drawn to the siren’s call of rolling sub-bass and pummeling breakbeats. Dutch trio NOISIA seem prepared to bridge the worlds of drum’n’bass and electro-house with their debut album of all-original material, Split The Atom. All of the group’s stylistic variations are represented here, in a pulse-quickening record that is sure to please anyone interested in the darker, harder end of the electronic dance music spectrum. Album opener “Machine Gun” doesn’t waste any time setting a tone. A powerful, purposefully stomping electrohouse intro soon breaks down and morphs in to walls of even more menacing, buzzing bass and foreboding sirens. As if that wasn’t enough, the big guns are soon deployed: breakbeats so sharp and vicious that they should probably be accompanied by a warning from the surgeon general. Read full review at

Noisia – Shellshock ft. Foreign Beggars (Split the Atom) by NOISIA

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