The home-brewed style of Nomadic Firs is raw and untainted. The self-titled cassette release leaves a feeling of nerdy joy. Taking crafty melodies and creativity, Ryan Boos (the band’s sole member), helps to bring about a sound that is definitely unique, but also easily enjoyable.

Of the twelve tracks on the album, at least eight should be added to any playlist. Each song incites a different feeling and holds you positively captive. Seriously, this album is really cool; listen to every second and it will become obvious. With few vocally heavy tracks, Nomadic Firs is focused on quirky patchwork, but it works really well. Some of the favorites include (in no particular order): “Vines,” “Anytime Clementine,” “In The Morning,” “i94,” and “Fun”.

Nomadic Firs’ self-titled release is out now via Crash Symbols.

’Nomadic Firs – Vines’
’Nomadic Firs – i94′
’Nomadic Firs – Fun’
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