Stars’ latest album The Five Ghosts was officially released on June 22nd, 2010 (although it had been leaked beforehand). Out of the numerous albums that the Canadian indie band has created over the years, this has to be one of their best. All five members of Stars (Amy Milan, Torquil Campbell, Evan Cranley, Patrick McGee, and Chris Seligman) are also members of Broken Social Scene. Stars, however, are a different cup of tea, and very good tea at that.

I can definitely hear The Smiths’ and New Order’s influences in this album. I can hear a lot of Copeland in this album as well, particularly in “Dead Hearts” and “He Dreams He’s Awake”. “Wasted Daylight” and “I Died So I Could Haunt You” really begin the rise of this album. “Fixed” holds steady as filler, but not in the true sense of the word. “Fixed” is how a filler track should sound. That is, it shouldn’t seem like filler. The Five Ghosts really climaxes with a track that is completely different than everything else on the album. Yet “We Don’t Want Your Body”, even with its rapping, catchy melody, and amazing hooks, fits with the rest of the album seamlessly. There are not many tracks that cause involuntary bodily reactions (well, good ones), but you’ll find yourself dancing and singing to this track without even realizing it.

Stars-The-Five-Ghosts-200x200Stars’ The Five Ghosts are definitely worth a listen, and be sure to catch a live show when you can.

Stars – Dead Hearts

’Stars – 01 Dead Hearts.mp3′

Stars – Wasted Daylight
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