You don’t have to look too far back to figure out that The Academic would end up coursing through the veins of the music industry, mainlining their highly contagious brand of alternative rock directly into our wanting veins.

Just two years back, this Irish four-piece came charging onto the scene with “Different” which proved to be the first few words of the proverbial writing on the wall. Two years later, Tales from the Backseat is here, and simply put, it proves what we expected from them back then.

Recorded in the City of Angels with producer Tim Pagnotta (you might recognize his work with acts like Dreamcar, Wilde Belle, and Saint Motel), this ten-track offering is filled with stadium fillers, anthemic in nature through and through. “Permanent Vacation” is the perfect example of how carefully they infuse pop sensibility throughout their work, focusing strongly on catchy hooks and plenty of vocal intrigue listeners will sing along to quickly.

Catchiness and instrumental talent can only carry an act so far, though. Lyrical quality, cadence, and familiarity need to do a good bit of the heavy lifting, and Tales From the Backseat brings in plenty of muscle. The collection is an audible coming of age story, one which tugs on the heartstrings of both the older, nostalgic listener, and those who are currently up to their elbows with the shocking tides of adulthood.

Have a listen below. Add it to your Spotify playlists. Share it with friends. Most of all, though, head out and catch these lads live. Aside from the surely stunning live performance, it’s truly the best way to support your new favorite act.

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