The debut solo album from Sigur Rós mastermind Jónsi Þór Birgisson is a splendid illustration of the sensual, profound, and sparkling middle-ground between ethereal tendencies and classical intonations. With the assistance of his partner, Alex Somers, and Peter Katis on co-production duties, and the string arrangements from Nico Muhly, Go lives up to the loftiest of expectations, and then some. The album opens with “Go Do,” a flitting, echoing song filled with Jónsi’s smooth, falsetto fanciness. It’s difficult to determine whether he is singing in Icelandic or English, or a little of both, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s not the words of this song that grab your attention, but their sound when matched against Jónsi’s other harmonies, an overt trilling flute, strings, and electronic sampling in the backdrop. Read full review at


Jonsi – Go Do

’Go Do’

Jonsi – Kolniur

’Jonsi – Kolniur’

Jónsi – Tornado (Acoustic)


Bonus: Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)

’Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)’
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