We first heard of French Singer/Songwriter Alice Michel as we combed through the web looking for new songs to add to our Indie Dojo playlist and stumbled upon her cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. As we all know, covering the classics is definitely not an easy feat to conquer, so, not gonna lie, but there was a tiiiiiny bit of hesitation to take a moment to listen. So glad we did though, cause Michel threw us as far from disappointment as she possibly could. And although her rendition was beautifully unique, her latest release, “The Weather In Your Head” is something she can call her own. Using the same hauntingly simplistic style, she somehow finds a way to completely fill a song with nothing more than strings, a little piano, some simple harmonies, and the “never gets old” hand-clap. It’s sweet yet captivatingly ominous perfection.

And for our french readers, make sure you guys check out Alice Michel play at Le Sunset, March 13. More info here.

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