Led by the commanding screams of front man Eddie Hermida, Detroit’s metalcore band All Shall Perish unleashed another musical swing against America’s corporate system. With their latest album, Awaken The Dreamers, the band shows they can still use their all-to famous disgusting guitar sweeps and brutal breakdowns in an effort express the feeling behind their music.

This time around All Shall Perish went somewhere no one really expected. The band did a really good job at fusing their grinding deathcore style with a more experimental vibe. I believe this has helped All Shall Perish portray their message to a wider spectrum of listeners than their previous albums have been able to. The change between the first two albums, "Hate, Malice and Revenge and The Price of Existence and their new album Awaken The Dreamers is noticeable; and for the better.

However, do not confuse this transition in style with All Shall Perish selling out. They still have that same flow that makes you wake up with neck pains in the morning. The band has evolved beautifully throughout these past albums, and their future looks even more vicious!

Black Gold Reign

”Day of Justice”

Day of Justice

”Day of Justice”


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